Live streaming

Stream directly to your Maestro site using broadcaster software.

Agnostic video player

We support many common video players, including: Twitch, Youtube, Mixer.


Embed your maestro video anywhere.



Add links to the top of your site with the ability to nest links within a dropdown menu.

Channel Navigation

A dedicated area to display other channels on your site. Automatically indicates which of your channels are live at the time.


Easily add links to your socials as icons


Display a hashtag on your channel with the ability to generate a tweet message when the user clicks the hashtag.


Add links with custom text to the bottom of your site.

Language Selector

Let your users automatically translate everything on the page.


Set a countdown to a date of your choosing, has the ability to be hidden or visible. 

Design Editor

Customize the look and feel of your site with colors and fonts, mapped to work with the UI in all cases. 


Display an image for your logo or just text. 


Sites will automatically adjust the interface depending on the device and always look correct.


Customizable info area to the right of the video, can be hidden by the viewer.

Welcome Screen

Display an image to the user when they load the site, can be unique to a channel. 



Creates a feed that can be source from multiple twitter users and/or hashtags.


Configurable Maestro chat with moderation tools, has filtering.

Twitch Chat

Embeds twitch chat from a specific channel 


Displays a person and their information, includes an image.


Configurable Maestro chat with moderation tools, has filtering.


Displays quests available to the user.


Display an image in the panel, can have a link.


Create your own schedule or source it from your channel.


Displays a youtube playlist as a list, viewers can play videos from this. 

Multiple Choice

Displays polls, predictions, and trivia available to the user.


Configurable Maestro chat with moderation tools, has filtering.


Embed your maestro video anywhere.

Channel Select

Displays all channel or a custom set of channels from your site 



A multi-step overlay that selects a random user on the site and awards them a prize of your choice.


Creates overlay with a message, can have a call to action button on it as well. See call to actions for options.


Overlay with 2-6 options for polling.


Overlay with 2-6 options with a correct answer.

Lower Thirds

Displays an image on the bottom third of the video, can have a call to action attached to it. See call to actions for options.


Displays a tweet in the form of an overlay, requires a link to the tweet. 

Call to Actions

Actions that can be applied to message and lower third overlays. Examples: open link, show panel, play video, show person, show group, facebook share, email collect, youtube subscribe, go to channel, log in, tweet



Breakdown of your user’s devices, operating system, age, and location.

Real Time Viewership

See your concurrents, sessions, devices, page views in real time.


Filter your data by channel and time.

Generated Event Reports

Reports automatically generated by changes in traffic on your site.

Custom Event Reports

Set a custom time range and create your own event report.


Advanced tool for correlating features that make users return to your site 


An overview of all your users with the ability to create cohorts of users with specific demographics.

Impact Score

An event score card is generated for each live stream, providing a comprehensive yet easy to understand assessment of viewership, engagement, watch time, and monetization. 

Quest Funnel

Funnel-style breakdown how your users engage with a quest. Starting with users who viewed quests and ending users who claimed their prize. 

Quest funnel

An overview of all your users with the ability to create cohorts of users with specific demographics.

Panel Overview

A breakdown of views and engaged for your panels

Overlay Overviews

A breakdown of views and engaged for your overlays.

Quests Overview

A funnel breakdown of each quest

Channel Overview

A breakdown of viewership data by individual channels 

Broadcast Log

A history of overlays sent by the Maestro with the engagement data


A breakdown of how users arrived from your site such as: searching, social links, or direct


CMS Library

Manage all your content in one place.

Broadcast Mode

A view specifically designed for the Maestro to make quick updates and broadcast overlays. 

Edit Mode

A WYSIWYG style page editor allowing you to edit your site and see it.


Block specific channels or your whole site with a password or login.

Google Analytics Tag

Add your Google Analytics ID for easy integration.

Content Priority System

Automatically selects what kind of type should be playing on your site depending on the state of your channel. 

Scheduleing Video

Play videos or display live streams at a specific time.


Add a list of livestreams that automatically switch depending on what’s live and offline.


Set the default language for your site for all users.

Offline Mode - TV

When nothing is scheduled or live, have your channel play videos synchronized for all users.

Offline Mode - Grid

When nothing is scheduled or live, displays a grid of video & playlist content.


Product Overlay

Displays a product as an overlay with a CTA to buy the product.

Product Panel

Displays a product in the sidebar with the full transactional flow.


Add visibility to sponsors on your site with a dedicated area for sponsors


Sidebar Ads

Display image ads in the sidebar with a set interval.

Custom Pre-roll Video

Create your own pre-roll video ads


Add visibility to your sponsors on your site with a dedicated area for sponsors


User Achievements

Award points to users for completing specific actions.


Create a profile for an individual person


Create a profile for groups of people, such as a team.

Award your users a variety of things for completing specific actions on your site.


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